Pacific Titan

Plough Dredging & Bed Levelling | Towing & Anchor Handling | Barge Handling | Marine Construction Support

Pacific Titan is a twin screw shallow draft utility tug, built for unrestricted operation, delivered Feb 2017.

Designed in conjunction with local naval architects, she is a robust multi-role vessel purpose built for plough dredging, bed levelling, dredging support, anchor handling, towing, and barge handling.

She features several design elements, additional machinery, and automated operational systems specifically introduced to maximise productivity during bed levelling operations.

Notable features include 31.6T BP, 2T bow thruster, 40/15T double drum reverse waterfall anchor handling and towing winch, 8T tugger winch, 2 x 10T plough winches, 150Tm capacity deck crane (12.5T at 10m) for loading and unloading plough equipment, towing pins & shark jaw, stern roller, forward pusher knee, and moon pool.