Pacific Conquest Tsunami Buoy New Zealand

ECM complete Tasman Sea Tsunami Buoy Maintenance

ECM have completed the contract to retrieve, service, and redeploy two Tsunami monitoring buoys in the Tasman Sea with our special purpose vessel Pacific Conquest. Specialised equipment and Client personnel was transported to and from the southern tip of the Southland of New Zealand. The Client required a vessel with unrestricted navigational limits, and specific…

Pacific Conquest - bed levelling at Gladstone

ECM awarded GPC bed levelling

ECM have been awarded the bed levelling services package for Gladstone Ports Corporation’s 2014 maintenance dredging campaign, continuing a long and successful collaboration with the GPC that stretches back more than 10 years. For operational purposes, the campaign will be split between our primary plough vessel Pacific Conquest, and our secondary plough vessel Lismore.

Lismore - Plough Vessel

ECM develop modular plough system

Due to high demand for ECM’s plough dredging & bed levelling services, we have developed a new modular ploughing system for tugs & workboats which is able to be installed and removed by 2 crew in 1-2 hours with the assistance of a shore-based crane. Our plough vessel Lismore was fitted with the new modular ploughing…

ECM installs multi-beam sonar

In response to increasing demand for plough dredging & bed levelling services independent of dedicated dredging and survey vessels, ECM have permanently installed survey-grade multi-beam sonar on our primary ploughing vessel Pacific Conquest. The addition of multi-beam sonar now enables crew to monitor progress in real-time without the need for costly daily or bi-daily surveys.…