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Plough Dredging & Bed Levelling

ECM has been providing large-scale plough dredging and bed levelling services since 1995.

ECM currently owns and operates two plough vessels, Pacific Conquest and Lismore.

Pacific Conquest is the most experienced plough vessel on the east coast of Australia, having successfully completed large scale projects for international and domestic dredging contractors, and domestic port authorities from Gulf of Carpentaria to Port of Melbourne. She is permanently equipped with side scan sonar and seafloor mapping multi-beam sonar, enabling crew to monitor progress in real-time.

Lismore is equipped with a modular plough setup specifically developed for smaller plough dredging & bed levelling projects, and areas of restricted manoeuvrability around existing marine infrastructure.

Backhoe Dredging

ECM owns and operates a 40T long reach excavator, which combined with our spud barge Clarence, has allowed us to expand our port maintenance capabilities.

Subsea Debris Removal

ECM has designed a seafloor rake which allows for pre-dredge debris removal from berth pockets and wharf faces without the need for divers.

Debris is surveyed using on-board survey equipment, contained within the seafloor rake, and is then brought to the surface and stockpiled on deck for disposal ashore.

Rock Processing

The capabilities of the seafloor rake have recently expanded to include rock processing.

Oversize rocks are identified using on-board survey systems, collected with the seafloor rake, and either stockpiled aboard for disposal ashore, or processed aboard (broken down into smaller fragments) for discharge at sea.