East Coast Maritime Pty Ltd are marine contractors who own and operate a fleet of utility vessels, tugs, barges, and specialist equipment. We service the following markets from our operations bases at Gladstone and Brisbane:

  • Port Maintenance – Plough Dredging & Bed Levelling, Backhoe Dredging, Subsea Debris Removal, Rock Processing
  • Dredging Support – Plough Vessels, Tugs & Workboats
  • Marine Construction Support – Tugs & Workboats, Barge Design & Supply
  • Towing & Logistics – Tugs & Barges, Loading/Unloading Facilities
  • Offshore Supply & Maintenance – Nav Aids, Warning Systems, Moorings, etc
  • Survey – Survey & Survey Support Vessels

All vessels listed on this site are owned and operated by East Coast Maritime Pty Ltd.